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We match your down payment to get you the manageable kind of financing your parents had.

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The basics of how HomeBuyer works:

You put down 10%  

We put down 10%

Really. We give you the funds to buy the house, you keep the keys. Use it however long you need without payments (up to 30 years).

When you sell, you make one single payment to us from the sale's proceeds. This payment includes the amount of the initial down payment investment we made, plus 35% of the appreciation or depreciation. 

Ready to sell? 

(yes, you read right - if your house goes down in value, we share in the loss with you.)

Buy us out anytime after the first three years. We don't mind being the way you get in the game. The structure is the same if you buy us out at 5 years, or in year 30.

Don't want to share appreciation long-term?

HomeBuyer enabled us to free up some money and lower our monthly payment. Taking the time to understand the program, we, this is a great fit for our family. 

- Trevor & Lindsay, San Diego, CA

What's  the catch?

The short answer is there is no catch. 

So, how do we survive if we're waiting up to 30 years for our investments to come back? Are we just really patient people? Actually yes. Our investors are big institutions (think  university endowments, pension funds) who want to invest long term. That's where we come in.

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Prequalify in 60 seconds

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What's the catch?

I'm in. How do I get started?

- Stop renting and build equity instead

- Avoid PMI and additional monthly payments

- Avoid additional loans, and instead, pay back when you sell


You complete an application, which for most people takes fifteen minutes. We also make sure you fully understand all aspects of the program.


You go home shopping with a 20% down payment. We close at the same time you close on your new home.

Unison is the market leader in home ownership investment. Founded in 2004, San Francisco-based Unison makes long-term investments in individual residential properties through two innovative programs: Unison HomeBuyer, which provides a portion of the down payment needed to purchase a home, and the Unison HomeOwner Agreement, which allows current homeowners to tap into their home equity without interest or monthly payments.

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Want to dive into the details to prove it to yourself?

Check out our full program brochure  now. It is 20 pages of the nitty gritty.